La sabbia di cromite è una sabbia da stampaggio riciclata?

Is chromite sand a Recycled molding sand?

Molding chromite sand has high mechanical strength and high refractory temperature. It can be recycled and reused in casting processes such as coated sand and self hardening sand.
There are two types of recycling and regeneration of chromite sand in steel casting.
One method is to use heating regeneration equipment to remove the resin covering the surface of chromite sand from Resin coated sand. Then clean, dry, and screen to obtain usable raw chromite sand.
Another approach is for the mixing of chromite sand and silica sand. Chromite sand has a certain degree of magnetism and can be separated from silicon sand through high-power magnetic drums. After multiple separations, most of the silica sand was screened and processed. By utilizing the characteristic that the specific gravity of chromite sand is much higher than that of silica sand, it can be further processed through the specific gravity separation method. Foundries can obtain chromite sand that can be reused.
The price of chromite sand is much higher than that of silica sand, and recycling it is of great significance for reducing casting costs.

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