Qual è il valore di domanda acida (ADV) della sabbia di cromite da fonderia?

What is the Acid Demand Value (ADV) of Foundry chromite sand ?

Acid demand value (ADV)  is an indicator of casting material sand in the foundry industry. The ADV will affect the hardening rate and strength of the fused sand and resin. Excessive ADV can cause the acid-hardened furan resin to delay or not harden.
Usually, the PH value of foundry chromite sand is measured to determine the acidity and alkalinity of the original sand. The PH value of chromite sand is usually between 7-9. However, The PH value can only reflect the content of acid-base substances that are soluble in water. For insoluble acid-base substances such as calcium carbonate, they can react with acidic substances such as hydrochloric acid. Therefore, the ADV reflects the impurity content in the original sand that is insoluble in water but can react with acid-base substances.
HAIXU Foundry chromite sand, The acid consumption values of PH3, PH4, and PH5 are lower than 5ML. The low impurity content and stable quality, ensuring a controllable hardening process between chromite sand and organic binders.

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